Neapoli Pizza Malden

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Neapoli Pizza Malden

Neapoli Pizza Malden

At Neapoli Cafe & Pizzeria Malden all tasty traditional food is waiting for you to order online for fast delivery or Takeout at 43 Lebanon St, Malden, MA 02148 . Neapoli Pizza Malden menu is known for really good food and good prices serving delicious pizza, subs, sandwiches, pasta, salad and a vast variety of kid’s menu full of nutrition attracting people of all age groups.

Our friendly staff has worked together for many years and is genuinely passionate about making the best meal for you. We enjoy serving the families in the neighbourhood and appreciate their continued support and commitment to our family restaurant.The line between good eating and better imbibing is, thankfully, blurring, and no place better exemplifies that ambiguity than Neapoli Cafe & Pizzeria Malden . Different pizzerias used different techniques and experimented with their tomato sauce, toppings & dough, but we stick to our own traditions style and our iconic pizza is still evolving. We have one of the best chefs, best kitchen & most famous culinary in town.

The originality of Neapoli Cafe & Pizzeria Malden menu will give your taste buds traditional experience that is going to need repeating pretty soon.You’ll know when you will be eating our incredible slice of pizza when the cheese stretches out between each bite.The cheese on NeopaliPizza perfectly melts and stringy without saturating the crust with excess moisture. Our pizza cheese sticks firmly to the crust without ever falling away from it.

Neapoli Pizza Malden menu is as hot as its ratings, one of the Top-rated Pizza Restaurant in Malden MA. Longtime customers and families who are loyal to Neapoli Cafe & Pizzeria will attest, Neapoli Cafe & Pizzeria was, is and will be their favorite pizza, and the only pizza that matters for generations to come.

Order your favorite pizza, pasta, salad, and more, all with the click of a button. Neapoli Cafe & Pizzeria accepts orders online for pickup and delivery.

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